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ServiceFactor - Help for Network Marketing

The most important things in life are:

  • Time  to share with family and friends.
  • Help your Body  by reinforcing your immune system. Prevention is better than  deal with health issues.
  • Service to help others.
  • Money  to achieve dreams and get Financial Freedom..


    All of this could be possible only depending on you…?
    You could accomplish it all thanks to a modern Network Marketing System to reach large incomes for the rest of your life, which grant you more free time to arrive at those dreams.


Our main factor is to help you establish solid knowledge foundations for your network marketing business to reach a residual income in the fastest way possible. Therefore, we put a website with relevant, well-studied, organized, and constantly updated information at your disposal. 

Marketing StrategiesA significant amount of money, time, and resources have been invested in the creation of this website for your use, free of charge, by becoming a member of our net.

We offer the opportunity of belonging to a solid, global company with patented products which give us exclusivity in addition to it being built upon three basic principles: science, success, and service. Such company has received high awards and it is in constant growth on top of having one of the best plan of monetary compensation existent today.

We have at your disposal a group of experienced and capacitated leaders who utilize a personalized system to help you start your own bussines, giving you all the needed strategies to obtain the best possible results.


Why Network Marketing?

Because for our business to prosper yours has to have prospered before. It’s as simple as that. Moreover, we offer you the opportunity of having your business flourish in accordance to your determination and we are glad that your business’ growth could even be larger than ours.

This interesting philosophy is that of network marketing and, once you understand this principle, you will comprehend why our main factor is service. This is the only way which allows us to achieve the greatest financial wellbeing in the fastest and most secure form.

This concept, when well applied, allows us to achieve our desired goals. Otherwise, it is most likely that, according to the latest statistics, if we follow the same daily routine, 95% of people will be at poverty level at the time of retirement and will hence miss the chance to accomplish their dreams.

How would you like it if we told that to be on our Service Factor network the only thing we ask is that you have a great desire to achieve your dreams as quickly as possible and without paying anything to You only need to affiliaty to us as a downline in a network marketing product that we promote.

This is not one of those sites that sells a "wonderful" procedure in a manual or CD. On the other hand, we offer you the knowledge and training as an opportunity to help you start your own business.